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Welcome to Practical Occult Living

Two holy fools explore the mysteries of life…


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welcome to Practical Occult Living

About US 

S.C. Mendes is the co-host of Horror Business—a podcast dedicated to helping authors make a career of their writing. He is also the co-owner of Blood Bound Books—an independent publisher whose mission is to spreading hope through dark fiction.


Joseph Sale is an editor, novelist, and writing coach. He is the author of Beyond The Shadow of Horus and The Divine. He grew up in the Lovecraftian seaside town of Bournemouth.

To work with him magickally, visit Draconian Destiny.

Draconian Destiny

Healing begins within…

In the words of Mary Greer, “Achievement of the ‘Great Work’ of union with the Divine is only a first step; it is to be followed by a commitment to remain earth-bound and work towards the betterment of all society.” Draconian Destiny strives to help and heal seekers on the Path using the potency of Draconian praxis and other magickal techniques acquired over a decade of study. If you are blocked, frustrated, or lost, then bibliomantic or Tarotic guidance may help you. If you are suffering or in pain, feeling that your destiny is ungraspable, then a ritualbook of healing may well address your ills through the process of oneiric transformation.

The road towards healing is always hard, and the labyrinth of self-improvement has many turns and pitfalls, hence why a psychopomp, a sorcerous guide, is necessary to lead one through its tunnels towards the mountain of personal transcendence and realisation of the True Self.

Draconian Destiny

Tarot Readings

For those who need deeper guidance, or a more thorough investigation of their problems, the Tarot is perhaps the greatest system of divination in the world. The 78 arcana represent the entire spectrum of human experience and allow both querent and reader to ascertain the exact nature of the problem, its impact on the querent and their circle, and what must be done to redress the balance. It’s important to remember the aim of Tarot reading is not truly to “predict” the future but instead to hold up a mirror to the present circumstance of the querent on every level of their existence: material, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual—this includes all that is hidden or that has been repressed. From this self-insight, the querent themselves may find the way forward into greater harmony with the universe.

How It Works: The Tarot, like bibliomancy, operates on a principle of synchronicity and Oneness. As the Universe is whole, therefore the microcosmic patterning of the card-arcana reflects the whole substance of being and non-being. Psychological stimulation from the cards results from archetypal symbology, a la Jung, allowing querent and reader to access the unconscious through dream-symbols that create meaning when explored. In addition, cross-referencing the Tarotic arcana with Thelemic and Kabbalistic mapping can lead to breakthrough epiphanies as the true signification is unveiled by placing the card upon the divine map or “God Mind”.

Process: The querent and sorcerer arrange a time to have a Zoom meeting in order to conduct the reading. The appointment lasts 1 hour. The Tarot reading consists of a detailed 5-card spread (using the 5-act structure as a basis for narrative catharsis), and includes discussion and coaching around the issues that the cards reveal.

Specifications: delivered via Zoom, 1-hour max appointment.